This is us.
The bookeeper and the accountant . . .
​We team up to take care of all of your financials, allowing you the time to focus
​on your business and generating profits.

Cathy Kiss

Rick Killian

We strive to find the best solution available for each individual client.
We work with you to find what best suits your needs, and customize a plan for you and your business.


We welcome all types of business and are always available for introductory discussions on whether we are the right fit for you.​​​​​

We are available to spend time with you and help you fully understand how to read and utilize the financial information we provide to you. Our many years of accounting and bookkeeping experience will work for your business so you don’t have to.
Each client has a different and specific set of needs. We will find
the right solution for your business. We will refine your QuickBooks to your individual company, and suggest waht will best suit 
​​your needs.

Customizing Your Needs

Onsite – We come to you and work on your computer

File Exchange – You send us your QuickBooks file, we update it, and return it to you

Terminal Server Session – We work on your system, from our office (you must have a terminal server setup with internet access)

Digital/Remote Access – LogMeln, TeamViewer

​With all the options we are always available by phone. We can help you install your accounting software if you do not have it already and assist you in setting up the required access needed.

Contact us to set up an appointment!